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Sucqbus posted a blog post

Time out of Time

I'm already naked under the covers.  He slides in, offers me the pipe.  We've already each sucked on a small candy, but we can't wait.  The edible high will be deep and mellow and slow.  Right now we enjoy being happy and relaxed.As the high gets deeper we put away the pipe and slide down under the covers, pressing close together.  My skin wants to drink him in, urges me to touch every part of him at once.  We take a break, and he brings me a fresh strawberry.  Normally I find them very tart…See More
Apr 10
Tom commented on SensualFreja's blog post First Post
"Freja, Thanks for mentioning the book.  I'll get it.  My wife and I had been doing elder care since 2008.  That was when her parents moved in with us.  Plus, our daughters (23 and 22) still live with us.  We all needed…"
Mar 28
SensualFreja commented on SensualFreja's blog post First Post
"Hi Tom, thank you for the welcome!  I've always had an extremely high libido.  Of course it fluctuates, corresponding to my natural monthly cycle and how much energy I put out in my daily life, but it's up there. My…"
Mar 27
Tom commented on SensualFreja's blog post First Post
"Hello Freja, Welcome to the group.  I have been here off and on since 2011.  I concur with your findings.  My wife and I have been sexless for almost 10 years.  She was a good Catholic girl, sex was sin, so the least she knew…"
Mar 27
SensualFreja posted a blog post

First Post

I'm so happy I found this community.  What brought me here was a search to read about what kind of sensual healing massage was available to women,  the moment I started to read the material I just had that ping, the explosion inside and knew this was so what I needed.  I do regular massage and trancework, but my passion lies more in the sensual work I do with people and so far my sensual clients have all been men.  There are two things, one is that the more I learned about who these men are…See More
Mar 24
Lauz posted a blog post

February's Journey: Sex is a Skill

February was a resounding success for me. The pursuit of sexual empowerment will be a long journey, I can see that, but it will most definitely be a profitable one. To think all of this is five years in the making, since I first lost my virginity to my partner and was absolutely clueless about sex, until now. Sex is a skill. These words reassure me that I haven't lucked out because I don't come from a culture that embodies sex or that I'm just naturally inept.February was reading books. In…See More
Mar 7
Tom commented on ceekaye's blog post Status
"Go for it.  I went to a meeting of polyamorous people last night.  I don't know if the 15 or 16 people there represented a balanced sampling of the poly population but there seemed to be more bisexual and homosexual people there than…"
Feb 28
ceekaye posted a blog post


It's been WHAT?! 19 months?!  Holy Shit!!  Feels like it was last week since i was here writing...Some things change, some remain the same.The change:  I've said yes and we've been sexual quite a few times since my last post.  I've been able to just clear the table and tell myself it's okay to have some pleasure.  The same:  My husband has yet to make some sort measurable effort in the direction of learning more about sexuality in the context of his relationship with me.  As a result, our…See More
Feb 13
Tom posted a blog post

Just saying "Hi".

Hey everyone,I joined this group in 2011 (I think). I had a sexless marriage then and I have a sexless marriage now.  My wife's parents moved in with us in 2008 because they could not care for themselves.  They moved into the master bedroom and I moved into a guest room.  It really didn't matter much, my wife had been sleeping on a couch in another room since 2005.  The last time we had sex was 1/4/2005.)My mother-in-law died in January of 2012.  My father-in-law died last month (January 2013).…See More
Feb 12
Jade Rivers posted a blog post

Stolen desire

Today I chose not ask for what I desired . I acted upon my deepest desire . While kneeling on my knees my mouth surrendered to your manhood. I lavished your manhood as it grew in ecstasy.You my dear tried to take control by speeding up your manhood inside my mouth.  I took back control . My mouth wanted to give you pleasure but only on my own terms you see its a bit sensitive and needs time to warm up and explore without needing speed.The moment came when my pussy could no longer deny the need…See More
Jan 20
Sucqbus commented on Sucqbus's blog post broken
"Wildcherry, thanks for the comment.  "Unravelling" is an interesting way to describe it.  Thank you for reading thoughtfully :)"
Jan 19
Jade Rivers commented on Jade Rivers's blog post Raven
"Thankyou Pamela!"
Jan 16
Jade Rivers posted a blog post


Your voice evoked desire within me that I didn’t know existed.  Your compliments touched me in places that have been long abandoned! Your heart touched my soul ! Our souls for a moment intertwined together like a puzzle meant to locked together! You gave me moments of pleasure  that I was sure only existed in novels.The earth shook that day under the bed! I let out voluminous moans that were replaced with desire leaking out of my soul! I glimpsed into the world where desire and pleasure meet!See More
Jan 16
Isabel posted a blog post


The other day I had a sexual interaction with my brown-eyed lover.  It was wonderful and beautiful, intimate, connected, and conscious.  Yet, there were some small vibrations that have left me feeling a little unsteady.  (For me, this is a good thing!)  What caused these vibrations, you ask?Well, throughout the whole interaction we worked to remain very conscious, to not go down the unconscious, shadow-filled rabbit hole we've traveled so often in the past.  For me, this involved feeling my…See More
Jan 10
Isabel posted a blog post

New reality

The other morning, I was out walking with a girlfriend.  We were discussing what it was that attracted each of us about relationship, what qualities each of us find compelling in lovers. I admitted that for years now I have had a predilection for men who I sense could help destroy my illusions.  I admitted that, in the case of my brown-eyed lover, I am not sure "I" would survive the relationship.She looked a little perplexed.  I wasn't surprised.  I'm kind of different.  She asked if I wanted…See More
Jan 6
Unique Goddess commented on Pamela Madsen's blog post Are You in an Addictive Relationship with Yourself?
"Can see myself in this, much to think about"
Jan 3

Pamela Madsen is excited to announce her new interactive and multi-media community! And of course it is Shameless!


Shameless is a private "gated" membership community - allowing us the chance to get to know each other, and enough privacy to talk about things that matter such as how do we jump start our lives, make friends with our bodies,  and develop more intimacy in our lives. 


Shameless  is about removing the obstacles to pleasure in our lives,
looking at how we are able to explore our sexuality within our own boundaries - and learning how to make friends with our desires.

What you will get with your membership, a one-time payment of $25:

1. Full access to our moderated message boards with the opportunity to ask Pamela Madsen questions

2. Inspirational, Exclusive Videos, Shameless Pod Cast Interviews, Private Blogs of Pamela's that are not published any place else!  Join Pamela, Sacred Intimates, Sexological Bodyworkers and Sex Educators for amazing Podcast Interviews, and exclusive videos that will guide you on your own Shameless Journey and equip you with your own Pleasure Tool Kit!

3. Discounts on Coaching with Pamela, additional Shameless Educational Products and sneak peeks on upcoming events.

What The Shameless Community is not!


Shameless is not a bar scene or a dating service! This is a place where members are coming together to explore their own lives, and make friends on the journey. Please do not apply for membership if you are looking for something else.


For complete access to the Shameless Community, please begin your membership with the "Sign Up" link above. We'll be in touch and get you activated and inside as soon as possible!

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