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A community for those on their own Shameless journey to get support, education, tools and information on their own sensual reawakening!

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Pamela Madsen is excited to announce her new interactive and multi-media community! And of course it is Shameless!


Shameless is a private "gated" membership community - allowing us the chance to get to know each other, and enough privacy to talk about things that matter such as how do we jump start our lives, make friends with our bodies,  and develop more intimacy in our lives. 


Shameless  is about removing the obstacles to pleasure in our lives,
looking at how we are able to explore our sexuality within our own boundaries - and learning how to make friends with our desires.

What you will get with your membership, a one-time payment of $25:

1. Full access to our moderated message boards with the opportunity to ask Pamela Madsen questions

2. Inspirational, Exclusive Videos, Shameless Pod Cast Interviews, Private Blogs of Pamela's that are not published any place else!  Join Pamela, Sacred Intimates, Sexological Bodyworkers and Sex Educators for amazing Podcast Interviews, and exclusive videos that will guide you on your own Shameless Journey and equip you with your own Pleasure Tool Kit!

3. Discounts on Coaching with Pamela, additional Shameless Educational Products and sneak peeks on upcoming events.

What The Shameless Community is not!


Shameless is not a bar scene or a dating service! This is a place where members are coming together to explore their own lives, and make friends on the journey. Please do not apply for membership if you are looking for something else.


For complete access to the Shameless Community, please begin your membership with the "Sign Up" link above. We'll be in touch and get you activated and inside as soon as possible!

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