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PrincessDaily commented on Rainee's blog post what if...
"This is fantastic. You should be proud to share this. Can you talk more about your turning point? What spurred your revelation? How are you finding comfort in your own skin and encouraging your grandbabies to do the same? I am trying so hard to…"
Oct 6
Randy Awesome commented on Randy Awesome's blog post No Title
"I recommend starting with Joan Price's book Naked At Our Age. Her book Better Than I Ever Expected is her own personal story of love and sexual awakening at the age of 58. She has also edited a collection of erotic stories about senior…"
Oct 1
calidreamer commented on Randy Awesome's blog post No Title
"...all I can say is I am more sexually alive now than I have ever been in my life and I am a little envious it has taken so long to get here...I am so much more open to exploring new things and excited to continue this journey.  My biggest…"
Oct 1
LMT Jack posted a blog post

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you for adding me to the community. I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can and contributing when I can.Thanks again.See More
Sep 27
calidreamer commented on Rainee's blog post what if...
"Bravo!!!  Thanks for sharing your revelation, I am so happy for you and hope you continue to grow in your new love!"
Sep 3
Randy Awesome posted a blog post

I'm looking to start any discussion on senior sexuality - topics that concern those of us over 50. I've read the works of author Joan Price and would like to hear from others regarding sexual activit…

I'm looking to start any discussion on senior sexuality - topics that concern those of us over 50. I've read the works of author Joan Price and would like to hear from others regarding sexual activity and play as we get older. Any and all topics, genders, kinks, orientations, perspectives are welcomed with open arms.See More
Aug 28
Rainee posted a blog post

what if...

I tried to explain what's happening here? I'm afraid I'll be too sappy. I'm not cosmopolitan. I'm not sophisticated. My words sound like my soul... a ray of Sagittarius sunshine that sounds a little too "Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm." But I want to express this somewhere. I'm falling for someone. It's been a long time coming. I wonder how my life would be different now if I'd allowed myself to fall sooner. 50 years is a long time to wait for self-acceptance, but this... this is deeper. Even…See More
Jul 22
calidreamer commented on Jade Rivers's blog post pleasure
"Awesome Jade, thanks for the inspiration!  I wish I could do this right now but it's a little difficult at work! ;)"
Jul 18
Mistress Maria posted a blog post

A bit of an introduction

Hello from New Zealand. Isn't it incredible how we can find networks and friends throughout the world through the internet. I found Pamela's posts and book through some of my Facebook friends. Didn't read "Shameless" until late last year, although I followed her posts and read her articles long before this. When I did read her book,  I found things that resonated with me.In fact I am quite shameless myself. I am a sensual body worker, and started my work at about fifty, at a time when most…See More
Jul 10
Sherrie posted a blog post


It was nice to let loose my sexual desire today. It was not for wanting to be loved it was because I just really needed to be fucked. I was not ashamed to so say either, so I feel as thought I am making a break through. My husband thoroughly enjoyed to! See More
Jun 21
Sherrie posted a blog post

Guilty Roadblock

Guilt.... Why do we have to feel guilt. It is a dirty five letter word. Growing up my parents did their best to try to instill in me what they thought was best meaning what was their view of right and wrong. Now when I see something that makes me feel tingles of pleasure, I find myself thinking "now is this right or wrong". It's that guilt I feel like I'm being a bad person for wanting something pleasurable. Just frustrating. But I am moving forward not backwards. I try to think of this as just…See More
Jun 16
Sherrie posted a blog post


It has been a long time since I have visited the Shameless site. I still read Pam's daily e-mails and get inspiration from them. Alot of the time the inspiration stays in my head (unfortunately) instead of being released through my sexuality. I have had lots of self reflection time, it is now time to learn how to act. I have a husband who has been eagerly waiting to satisfy my sexual cravings, but it has been me who has been trying to figure out what the crap it is that I like and desire. This…See More
Jun 15
Tom commented on Tom's blog post I told my wife about the affair
"Good Morning AnonyMiss,  Your understanding cirrhosis / ascites is helpful in you understanding my situation.  I'm sorry you had to gain your knowledge the way you did. I've been here at Shameless about 3 years.  In the…"
Jun 5
AnonyMiss commented on Tom's blog post I told my wife about the affair
"I understand trying to consider everyone else who depends on the relationship.  It's just so hard.  And it's hard on the "collateral damage" participants too, if only because they don't have explanations for why…"
Jun 4
Tom commented on Tom's blog post I told my wife about the affair
"BTW - I found the Nicole Daedone clip that inspired me to fess up.  In this clip Daedone says "withholding truth" is the beginning of the end of a relationship.  When I heard that,…"
Jun 4
Tom commented on Tom's blog post I told my wife about the affair
"AnonyMiss, My wife and I have been married 38 years.  Other people rely on our relationship. Over the past 10 years, our parents have needed us for elder care and estate management.  My mother-in-law died about 18 months ago and my…"
Jun 4

Pamela Madsen is excited to announce her new interactive and multi-media community! And of course it is Shameless!


Shameless is a private "gated" membership community - allowing us the chance to get to know each other, and enough privacy to talk about things that matter such as how do we jump start our lives, make friends with our bodies,  and develop more intimacy in our lives. 


Shameless  is about removing the obstacles to pleasure in our lives,
looking at how we are able to explore our sexuality within our own boundaries - and learning how to make friends with our desires.

What you will get with your membership, a one-time payment of $25:

1. Full access to our moderated message boards with the opportunity to ask Pamela Madsen questions

2. Inspirational, Exclusive Videos, Shameless Pod Cast Interviews, Private Blogs of Pamela's that are not published any place else!  Join Pamela, Sacred Intimates, Sexological Bodyworkers and Sex Educators for amazing Podcast Interviews, and exclusive videos that will guide you on your own Shameless Journey and equip you with your own Pleasure Tool Kit!

3. Discounts on Coaching with Pamela, additional Shameless Educational Products and sneak peeks on upcoming events.

What The Shameless Community is not!


Shameless is not a bar scene or a dating service! This is a place where members are coming together to explore their own lives, and make friends on the journey. Please do not apply for membership if you are looking for something else.


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